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Due to the pandemic, the next offering of The Westchester Course will be held in Fall 2020 in a virtual format. Please contact garosselot@aol.com directly for more information and registration materials. Thank you.

Important Information 

 The Westchester Course has developed over a number of years in response to a recognized need among health professionals who provide travel health services to diverse population groups.  The course is specifically designed to address the process and content of the pre-travel consultation and includes not only content about immunizations, malaria, altitude illness and other non-vaccine preventable health and safety issues, but also information about practice management, legal issues in travel health and professional development. In response to the ATHNA Model Core Curriculum Guide, the Code of Ethics of Travel Health Nursing, CDC guidelines, and the ISTM Certificate in Travel Health Examination, the course also provides an introduction to all these relevant standards of care.

Most clinicians are self-taught in this growing field. Many health professionals have added travel health services to their primary professional role- in private practice, college health, occupational health, ambulatory care, community health, etc. To date, no formal program for travel health education exists within a U.S. academic setting. Over the years, health professionals have looked to conferences, texts and journal articles for their basic and advanced learning needs in this field.  

The Westchester Course has been organized to prepare health professionals to provide quality pre-travel care. It is an intensive short course program. The syllabus is updated for each offering to include current CDC and WHO guidelines and features a case study approach to pre-travel assessment, immunizations and counseling. Attendees receive additional materials (forms, handouts, etc) to streamline care in their home setting. Participants in the virtual program will have opportunities to interact continuously in chat rooms to build a strong foundation for pre-travel care delivery. Time will be set aside for networking and to meet the skill-building needs of attendees, as needed (e.g. computer searches, building a marketing plan, etc). 

Who might benefit from this program? Attendees come from different practice settings across the U.S. and Canada and course content is designed to meet the educational needs of professionals at many levels of travel health practice. Previous participants have included nurses, NPs, PAs, MDs, pharmacists and travel health administrators. Over the years practice managers, physicians about to start a practice, health educators, NPs new to the field, and nurses new and experienced have all found the course beneficial. Course content reviews the process and fundamental knowledge of pre-travel health and addresses important practice challenges in diverse settings (e.g. taking an immunization history, selecting an anti-malarial agent, expatriate and other long-stay issues, short-notice / “spur-of-the-moment” travel, travelers with special health needs, promoting cost-effectiveness, practice marketing, keeping current, answering the phone, etc.). The syllabus includes an extensive updated bibliography for further learning.

This course is accredited for 20 nursing CNE credits.

Larger clinical sites sometimes find it more cost effective to arrange for an on-site program or customized virtual program. If you have 5 or more staff who can benefit from initial training or updating, you might want to consider discussing this alternative option for the program. Inquiries always welcomed...

For more information, please contact garosselot@aol.com.

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